Deco-Flash System

Deco-Flash is an all-in-one flashing, waterproofing, and finishing system for windows and doors. It combines 4 scopes of work and many man hours into a process that is completed perfectly in only a matter of minutes. The use of monolithic flashing will provide several previously unseen benefits, as well as make processes available that are not achievable using any other method. Deco-Flash is the most efficient and effective system for flashing, installing and waterproofing your windows and doors while maintaining a far higher end finished product for the life of your building. The system also improves safety by allowing installation from the inside of the home

With the building sciences changing at a rapid pace, installing windows and doors can be a difficult and complicated process.  Improper installation of windows and doors and how they are flashed and waterproofed often leads to issues with rotting structures and mold.  Deco-Flash simplifies the process and allows for easy integration with the weather resistant barrier for every type of construction.

It works perfectly in every type of construction and ensures that you are in compliance with all flashing and waterproofing requirements for the installation of your windows and doors. Installing Deco-Flash is the only way to automatically guarantee that you are meeting all the ASTM (926-12) requirements for stucco on frame applications, which has been one of the largest issues facing volume builders.

Deco-Flash adds value architecturally and is the only safe way the recess windows in every application, which is typically a difficult and expensive detail to achieve.  Deco-Flash is made of 100% virgin vinyl backed by a lifetime warranty.  It is the only permanent solution allowing windows and doors the to be removed and reinstalled easily without affecting the interior or exterior finish.

You can now trim, waterproof and flash openings perfectly, and provide your clients with the consistency of prefinished, factory-built openings every time.